Friday, July 29, 2011

As per request: Freezing Milk :)

Thanks for your comments guys! :) One of you "wonderfuls" asked about

freezing milk! I am so glad you did, because


This can save you from Costco for an entire month! I love getting my

milk there because it is consistently less expensive

..... buuuutttt..

Costco.. in all of it's bulk glory can be quite a trickster! How many times have

you went in for a few things.. and left with a few things but at check out

the register screams "Gotchya again!"

when it rings up to over a 100 dollars.. you look in your cart and you are like.. WHAT? How did that happen? I tell you, once I dropped those trips from at least once a

week to only once a month, my grocery budget glowed :) Here and there I have

to sneak back in because I used more cheese than I anticipated, but with the new glowing budget, I am happy to just grab the cheese and run. :) heheehee. -----

ANY WAY, back to freezing milk! YES! You can. All you need to do is to pour a little out from the top because the milk WILL expand. (I'm going to be honest, I totally forgot this part, I got home with 3 or 4 boxes of milk and took them out of the boxes and put them directly in the freezer.... it did expand.. a lot, but NONE of them leaked.... I don't dare try it again because I've read too many leaky stories :) ) People have been doing this for decades and have been just fine. :) The milk separates as it freezes, so each time you take it out of the fridge to use, give it a good shake! - In my personal experience, the milk does loose some of it's flavor.. maybe I didn't shake it enough - So, if you rarely use milk other than in cooking or cereal, I would TOTALLY do this. And even if you love to just drink it, buy one gallon, freeze it and see how it goes! :) It's a total time saver, how many times have you ran out of milk and you make an entire trip to the store to get some and then end up with a few other items in the cart? :)


Yes, you can freeze Milk.

To be safe (not always necessary) open each gallon up and take about 1 c out. Jug will expand.

Let thaw in fridge for 2 days or on the counter for most of a day. Just make sure to shake it often to keep it all cold.

Milk will separate, just shake well before each use. (whole milk is very difficult to shake out)

It will take away from the flavor a little, but if you are mainly using it for cooking and cereal, you probably won't even notice. :)
Good for 6 weeks ... some have even said 3 months!


Jesse and Justine Thorn said...

Saweet!!! Thank you! I am going to make my run to the store today so I will get a couple gallons and get freezin! Love all your tips!!

Butters In The Kitchen said...

I totally do that! Costco and I have a love hate relationship:)