Monday, July 4, 2011

What to do? What to do? :)

So! I have a MILLION ideas, recipes and tips that I am so excited share, but I have so little time, so I just don't know where to begin...

So, I am wondering...

What would you like to see?

Restaurant recipes?
Dessert recipes?
Money saving tips?
Healthy meals and snacks for kids?
Bread/cereal and cracker recipes?
Fun activities for kids?
Quick, easy and delicious recipes?
Not so quick, but DELICIOUS recipes
Couponing tips?
What? :) :)

Obviously a few of these can be found in each post, but I'm curious as to what you are hoping to see out of this! Hope to hear from you soon! :) Also, I would LOVE to spotlight YOU with your REAL living ideas :) .. recipes, fun activities with your family, money saving tips, your "story" ;) - I will be setting up an email address for this blog.. but alas! The 4th of July bbq is calling my name... mmm.. - SO! I will post the email address to where you can send your info on my next post! :) ... HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! :) :) :)

*Quick and easy idea for the 4th - maybe it's not as novel of an idea as I think, but I heard it in church on Sunday and LOVED it!! --- Make a birthday cake for America with your kids... decorate it like a flag (or like me, I used fun fetti frosting ... with a box cake... and called it good..... see, I am real! :) No one ever has time to do everything! :) You pick and choose your battles each day, right? :) ) Light some candles, turn of the lights and sing happy birthday to America!! :) .. totally memorable! You can even get pots and pans or play instruments and have a little parade around it before you sing and blow out the candles :)


Gennaveeve said...

I am all for more ideas on activities and snacks for kids!

Nicole said...

I'd like to know some of your FAVORITE recipes. Whether the are restaurant recipes, or desserts, or whatever.
I love reading your blog posts! It is delightful to read something that isn't "bragging"!