Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butters in the Kitchen: Bountiful Bliss

Well, I don't have a picture for all of these yet, and pictures do SO much for recipes wouldn't you say? ---
SO! I HAVE to tell you about my amazing sister Heather. As I was thinking of all of my favorites, I kept realizing that a few of them come from her and she is writing a recipe book, SO, I am SWORN to secrecy :) --- HOWEVER... She does have a blog -

She is involved with a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets It is really popular around here, so each week she makes a recipe using some of the fruits and/or vegetables that she gets in her basket and calls it "Bountiful Bliss" :) - Here it is and ENJOY - She is the most "REAL" cook ever. She is beyond the "look for a recipe" stage and she makes her own - DEFINITELY check her blog out. It's still new and because she's REAL and has 3 kids, she posts once a week - but it is definitely something to be excited about each week :)



Butters In The Kitchen said...

Oh...Cara:)Your so good to me. I am so glad that you love my recipies! I will have to bring you cookies:)

Tonii said...

I LOVE Heather's blog! Her recipes look amazing and I am in awe of anyone that can just put stuff together without a recipe! :) Lots of talent in that Scoville family! :)

Bryce and Jamie said...

Cara- I love this blog! I'm going to have to try lots of your suggestions! And your story about your bad day ( Sam pooping & Claire crying) was so REAL! Some days are SO HARD! You're such a good mom!!!