Sunday, June 30, 2013

Living For Real... for real!

I've decided to begin blogging again. - This is a tough world - you let people into the insides of your soul and then they let you know if they approve or not.... but, I decided, I don't care.
Over the past 1 1/2 years - I have learned a lot. A lot has happened in my family that looking back.. well, frankly, it makes me sleepy! - BUT - nevertheless - I have learned a lot. Among it all I have learned a new meaning to "real" and "simplicity".  Through pregnancy and life threatening illnesses - Real as taken on a new meaning. - Real is what you can handle when you are doing your best. If that means mac and cheese is your best - then good for you for taking the effort to make it - if it means homemade everything down to the pinto bean and tortilla - two thumbs up!
I've learned that you can basically be afraid of everything. Preservatives, anything not organic - water, shampoo, carpet, ... the school system, government, computers, .... the list goes on. My new quest in life is to  See the GOOD in the world.
I'm convinced that some people come up with new things to put fear into our hearts just to get new readers. - I'm not saying that trying to inform the public is bad - at all... All I'm saying is... let's be REAL. The world is a wonderful place to LIVE not to fear. We obviously need to do our best at protecting our families... but there is SO much good going on - let's not let fear overtake all of our efforts and energy by trying to avoid the inevitable. If we reversed fear to confidence in ourselves and our world - can you imagine the impact that would make? - People would be able to turn draining, energy sucking, negative energy into motivating, exciting, energizing, positive energy!! I'm sure if I searched for it, I'd be able to find some sort of statistic showing how much more productive positive energy is rather than the negative energy... but it would be a waste of time, we all know what I'm talking about, right?
I've learned that REAL is imperfect, and that's okay. 2 years ago when I started this blog, we were debt free other then student loans and our mortgage..... then one car died, then another car died....after many many efforts to keep it alive (aka money spent)..
 a surprise pregnancy and a life threatening illness in my newborn.... needless to say, we were left with some debt.... it made me sick! - I immediately sought after perfection and tal
ked to my husband about selling our home, in which we had gained quite a bit of equity which would've paid it all off.... in that effort, we uprooted our family and moved away in hopes of selling the house quick..... I was excited for an adventure.. there were so many things that bothered me about my house
that I was ready to start over.... ready to build our "perfect" house on our "perfect" lot...... it didn't take long until I saw the error of my ways. It was right for us to move.. and it was right for us to move HOME. It was a lesson of embracing imperfection that I needed. No one is perfect and it is okay - This new positive experience has been blissful. My critical eye towards my home and debt as changed and I love where we are at. I love my home despite the snakes, mosquitos and clash to my decorating style... In fact... It has never been more beautiful to me- the big things are now little things and the little things don't even bother me. My husband is still baffled by this change in my attitude, and to tell you the truth! So am I! Nothing has changed. My house is still the same and our finances are just the same.... I have just simply accepted and embraced it. I feel absolutely blissful, I'm not blind to the challenges nor the effort it will take to stay on top of it all - but I see the good in it all and it has given a whole new purpose and energy to the phrase "worth fighting for." Imperfection is REAL. This means imperfections in finances, living arrangements, children, marriage and other  relationships.. etc.. It's important to note that this isn't to excuse working on them... just to excuse the fear of imperfection so we can feel confident and motivated rather then disappointed and discouraged.
We are still at the beginning of a beautiful Summer - I'm looking forward to spending that time with my family and friends.... learning new ways to improve our lives through self reliance, and happiness. I will continue to post money saving ideas, like this week I will be making baby food for my son... but with this, I have learned there needs to be a balance... let's be REAL. - There are things worth taking time to do.. like baby food.. and things not worth taking the time to do.... homemade crackers..... it is fun to do, but it's not worth the time or mess in my opinion, I'd rather spend the 2 bucks or just not have them at all... I can still post recipes for them, because some of them are really good and you get the pleasure of knowing exactly what you are eating... but, I'd rather spend the hour it would take to make a pint mason jar worth of crackers, playing "Candyland" or "Don't Eat Pete" with my kids. - The blog will now be centered around my adventures in embracing what is Real while raising my family.

It's good to be back and I hope you will all click the "follow" button and join the ride- Have a fabulous night!