Monday, July 18, 2011


Apparently, I struggle with balance. I see that I can do EVERYTHING perfect (har har har) if I only had ONE thing to do at a time... Well.. when does that ever happen? - Living real is so important to me. It is so important to me to spend excellent focused time with my kids and doing that and blogging (for me) just doesn't work! :) ... I wish I was better at balancing - but if I'm an all or nothing kind of girl - I'd like the nothing to be the blogging world and the ALL to be my family. So yesterday I told Mike I was going to stop blogging ---- then! I had an idea - I have a few ideas that I got from other places online, I will just post the links and you can see their pictures and tutorials to know how to do it... Deal? :) Here and there with my own recipes I will do my own detailed posts, but there is so much that I have found on the Internet that I could just direct you to, and then, you will be able to start doing searches within those sites to help you with what ever you want? Good plan, right? So! "Heeeeeerreee WEeeeeee Gooooooooooo" -Peter Pan.(that's what Sammy says as we drive down the hill/mountain out of our neighborhood.. silly boy! :)

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