Friday, July 22, 2011


This week has been a tricky week. I am TOTALLY exhausted and you know what?

I didn't make dinner last night,

had cereal this morning, and

WENDY'S for lunch

(ew... and by EW i mean, man that was good, but EW I feel gross)

Thankfully I had an AWESOME dinner over at my amazing sister-in-law's house

in which I was going to bring DELICOUS homemade hamburger buns

and then ended up buying them on the way over.....

And you know what?

I'm not going to beat myself up over it. :) (I say that, because, I can be pretty good at doing that) But in ALL honesty -

perfection is a total illusion.

If you have weekends or weeks like this,

give yourself a break.

Soak it in, enjoy it.. don't feel guilt~! Just enjoy the kitchen without dishes and then

hop back on board!

I am saying this for a few reasons... One.. to motivate myself.. (hehehe) and two because I have a feeling that I'm not alone in the "all or nothing" syndrome. Too many times I have tried then felt like I have failed when I faltered, but the truth is that we all work so so so hard and we all deserve a few UN guilty pleasures :) So if you are sincerely trying to "LIVE FOR REAL" the way I described it in my first post and you are less than perfect (which should account for everyone as far as being imperfect at least) then relax :)

Tomorrow is a fresh, new day without an mistakes - so accept today and
be excited for tomorrow.

Remind yourself of your values and goals and feel

one step closer to living FOR REAL,

because REALity is step by step growing and

I can't think of any baby that has not fallen while learning to walk....

can you imagine if they just gave up because

they told themselves they could do it and then fell down?



- Think of the possibilities and the freedom we will have if we can take control. Think of the priceless lessons we will teach our children as we teach them sacrifice, saving, self reliance and provident living. The lessons in making mistakes but accepting them, growing from them and using them to your advantage to make you stronger rather than putting an F grade on your forehead and giving up. I have worn the F grade on my forehead many times and I am still trying to rub off the imaginary permanent ink so

I can live life as it was intended. REAL - imperfectly ..

but the VERY best I can.

Good luck!

Sincerely and Imperfectly,



The Belshes said...

Love your posts cara!!

Tonii said...

Great post Cara. I firmly believe one of Satan's strongest tools agains women is trying to make us feel less, guilty, inadequate and everything else that comes with it. It took me a while to realize that those feelings do NOT come from Heavenly Father, he is loving, supportive, forgiving and encouraging. As I realize that more an more, I refuse to give Satan that power over me. Focus on the amazing things that you do, and work on your weaknesses that they will become your strenghts :) Sorry, this is so long, this is something I am passionate about, we are all striving so much for perfection I think sometimes we miss the whole point. LOVE this post and your insight Cara...I LOVE YOU!

Together We Can said...

The buns were fantastic! :) Thanks for the great reminder. It was great seeing you and those cute kiddos. Loved watching Sammy running through the sprinklers. He is so full of personality.

Gennaveeve said...

Love it! Thanks Cara cuz today has totally been one of "those" days! Luv ya!!