Sunday, August 11, 2013

You NEED this recipe. Tomato Basil Chicken.

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Tomato and basil.... yum - a perfect combination. Who ever discovered how well these two foods work together ought to be Knighted. 
With the Fall Harvest rolling in, I was happy to have found this recipe on Pinterest. ... It seems people have tomatoes and basil running out of their ears! 

(Ha! That reminds me of Sammy. Last year I was bottling peaches and I told him, "We have peaches running out of our ears!!" .... His eyes went big, he looked on both sides of my head examining my ears and informed me that I do not, in fact have peaches running out of my ears.... "You were really worried about that, hu, Mom?" ..... I seriously L.O.V.E that little man.)

Anyway! - You know how there are a few good things that get WAY over done? Like owls and the chevron design?... This is not an over used chevron design! :) This Tomato and Basil recipe will leave you wondering when you can possibly make it again. .... I just made it for the 2nd time in  two weeks and the "MMmmMMms" and "Yummmm!s" were plentiful :)

This recipe is excellent as is - So in effort to not waste time and to avoid redundancy, I will direct you to the recipe rather then taking my own pictures and typing it out. I was just looking over it and clicked on the recipe the blogger adapted it from- and I was so impressed with how well she "upgraded" this recipe. I have made this with regular tomatoes on the vine and it was great. The grape tomatoes are recommended, but definitely don't go buy them if you already have some other tomatoes on hand :) I served this over whole wheat linguine with my rosemary bread and dipping oil.
I hope you click and take a look!

Tomato Basil Chicken

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