Thursday, August 29, 2013

Article worth reading.....

Hello! :) Long time no post! :) - I am not very good at keeping balanced. This blog to me is sort of like wearing my heart on my sleeve and it can get exhausting :) I like to think of my readers as my best friend that I am sharing the insights of my soul with.. :) Sharing my favorite recipes.... talking about my failings and my successes. I am only 28 .... typing that out looks old, but seriously, it is not. My oldest child is only 4 which means I am bran-spakin' new at this mother and homemaker thing... I have a lot to learn and am learning a lot and I feel like this blog is a place where I can process my thoughts and findings. :) It started out as a blog to live frugally, which I do love ... but now it is just about life in general... just as I would speak to a friend. :)
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So! As a "friend" ..I just found this article on Pinterest and I had to share it..... when I first read the title "How to talk to your daughter about her body," I kind of rolled my eyes in my mind and thought, "C'mon! Can't we think for ourselves??" I suppose I've seen one to many "How to ..... let pinterest tell you how you should live your life" articles :) ... I really do love pinterest and again, am amazed at the incredible things people do...buuuuttt.. I think we all know that so much of it is completely unreasonable. I scrolled past it and I realized that so much of what I have learned has been from articles that were like gems to me..... Soooo... I reluctantly humbled up a bit and went back to the "pin."
The post was wonderful. It was pure and it was totally "real".
I highly recommend reading it, even if you don't have a daughter... "Aren't We All Mothers?" ... We as women have such a great opportunity to be an example to the rising generation. :)  ... I love articles like this that just make sense :)

Have a great day! :)

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