Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grandma's Chocolate Mousse

Growing up, every single summer my family and I would pack up and drive to Kansas during the summer. My grandparents lived there and we loved it! We spent almost every day at the pool down the street. Mom and Grandma would go to the mall to shop, and we'd go to "Mr Bulky's" and drool over the possibilities of an entire store of bulk candy!

We'd catch fireflies, play checkers... but a major highlight was Grandma's Mousse! :) As they got older,  they moved close to us. One day after my Grandpa had died, I made some of her mousse and brought it to her. I will never forget her face! :) She closed her eyes and said "This is divine!" .. it made me so happy :) I love making it and feeling her close to me. 
Now, I will share her specialty with you :)

Grandma's Chocolate Mousse

1/4 c water
1/2 c sugar
2 eggs
12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips FROZEN
Large carton of Cool Whip 

Blend chocolate chips in blender or food processor, set aside.

Boil water and sugar. Pour into blender with chips along with the 2 eggs. Blend. Then fold into the whipped cream

DONE! It is that easy and SO good :) I hope you enjoy!

We were always there over my birthday, so! I figured since today is my birthday, I'm gonna make me some mousse! :) Now, if I could somehow pop fireflies in my backyard, my birthday will be complete! :)..... Okay, so no fireflies... but it has still been a wonderful birthday!

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