Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is a new blog all about living life

"for real." :)

Lately I have been a little worn out with the Western culture of "Keeping up with the Jones'. " Or in so many cases (not all, of course) living the opposite of real. Using borrowed money to buy fake processed food or things that just won't last or aren't worth the time that it would take to save up for it.. Don't get me wrong. I love my Duncan Hine's brownies and a handful of other things and having babies while your husband is going through school makes for some hefty student loans ...but my point is living within your means , WHAT EVER that means. :) It's my goal to make life work on any income.

This blog will be full of recipes, tips, ideas, articles.. etc.. that is helping meet this goal. My hope is that it will help you too! :) -

Finally a place where you can be REAL! :)

A place where you can find support in

"Acting your wage" (someone quoting Dave Ramsey... heck, if it's not accurate, it's still a good quote :) )

A place where quality of life isn't based on what's normal.... it's based on what's best for you and your family.

Let living the simple life: baking bread with your children, staying home and having water fights in your backyard instead of going to amusement parks, cutting the cable tv and spend the time playing games with your family, learning how to make the meals at your favorite restaurants instead of paying them twice as much for one plate as it costs to make the same dish for your entire family... and you know what's in it! :) ... Let living this simple life... even though it takes time we aren't "used to" and hard work feel like liberation not deprivation.

Think about it, this world is turning into screens...... we need to teach our children what is beyond the 12-18 inches from their face and let them learn how to make the the real raw earth work for them since so many people have stopped seeing it. Teaching our children that if you don't have the money to pay for it in full, you don't buy it. If it's not worth waiting for , it's not worth it. Teaching our children that THEY are our most precious assets and that WORK is not a bad thing, but that it is what makes us who we are.

This is what is REAL.