Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cara in REAL Life

Okay. So.... I know that along with a few recipe posts, this may be a bit .. well... if you have a weak stomach, don't read. (I do have some EXCELLENT recipes on the way though :) )

This is not my normal kind of post - in fact, I don't think I have ever ended a post with out a happy ending - but - so far today, ... any way.. I was thinking a few days ago on how this blog may paint the picture that I have it all together (ha) ... This blog isn't meant to be too personal. Just tips, recipes, ideas, articles, stories.. etc.... The reason behind this blog post is that I am REAL. My children are REAL, and I struggle with typing about the hard times because it just gets me more upset... But I'll try :)

Well! I just typed about 3/4ths of the story and realized my blood pressure was raising and I was getting really frustrated all over again... So - in order to make this happen I'm just going to type out in bullet form.

Screaming, Crying, begging toddler at the dollar store. (broke the can opener and needed a new one, on a bright note, it works great and I don't miss my Kitchen Aid can opener one bit - it works awesome.. totally worth more than a dollar.
Walmart -
Poopy Claire
Poopy Sam (who was wearing underwear btw)
Rush home
I almost pee my pants and leave Sammy in the bathroom and say, "don't touch anything"
Run to the bathroom
Bad idea.
Claire is screaming and tired
Sammy's bathroom door locked- make him open it.
Keeping my cool, Sammy kept saying "I try to take care of it mommy"
Plop Sam in the bath, turn on the shower
Claire is screaming and still poopy
I'm screaming inside, but still keeping my cool
I wipe down as much as I can, scrub my hands and grab Claire
"Sam, get all of the poop off and do not touch the soap or get out, I have to change Claire's diaper
bad idea
Run out, hurry and change Claire's diaper
Run back to the bathroom, tub full of poopy water
Poopy water and his entire bottle of brand new body wash
"I take care of it mommy"
Okay, he's just trying to help.
"Unplug the drain, we need clean water" calmly believe it or not.
Claire is still screaming
I am now SOPPING wet with poopy body wash water.
calm down cara calm down cara calm down cara calm down cara calm down cara
finish bathing
Claire still screaming
get Sam in towell and hurry off to Sam's room to get dressed -
Sam won't go to his room.
at this point I am mad.
Sam, get into your room RIGHT NOW
windows open
Sam pokes me and throws toys and kicks me
I leave room ... Sam throws toys at door.
windows still open, the whole neighborhood hearing our little throw down
I could go on.
Finally I somehow got him dressed and told him
You take your nap right now, and don't come out of here until AFTER you wake up.
"I love you mommy"
bad mom bad mom
"I love you so much sammy, So much."
Tonight.... I don't even know where to begin.
Sam NOT listening
Still not listening
He gets sent to bed early
........ yeah right.........
I keep going in there and trying to use every trick possible to get him to lay down and go to sleep.
I run into his room, he's next to his
TOPPLED over dresser
He starts crying
I race to him and squeeze him in a hug
Mike says I'm hugging him too tight.
Glass shattered everywhere. Sentimental objects that were on his dresser broken.
Me- In shock, A total MESS. Emotionally and physically drained. Sick of yard work and dreaming of the yard being done so poor Mike can get a break and so we can both take care of the kids. We are both SO worn out and drained.

There you have it. Cara in REAL life. I know sort of gloomy. BUT, that is REAL, today at least. And with it all, I REALly wouldn't trade it............................but it is still SO SO HARD.

I'll try and post something fun in the next few days to make up for this gloom :) .... on the bright side, I did make enough soup for 5 meals and it only took me about 15 minutes to make ... I'll post the recipe later....


Tonii said...

If its any consolation at all....I LOVE the real cara :) I'm so sorry for your rough day, but it sounds to me like you are a pretty fantastic mommy. Britton did the whole take off poopy diaper and smear it everwhere with wipes trying to clean it up thing last week and it got my blood boiling to say the least! Hang in there has got to be better! :)

Gennaveeve said...

I love you Real Cara! This sounds like every day at my house ;-) I hope you have better days to come, and I always have to keep reminding myself of that Darius Rucker song, "it won't be like this for long". Not that it makes it any less frustrating, but it helps at the end of the day! Love you!!

Brooklynne and Steve said...

oh cara you are so cute!! I'm so so sorry....i don't know quite what to say since i don't have two kids yet...but hang in there. You are doing great :)

Heather Thorup said...

Oh that sounds awful....but like you said, real. I feel for you, I'm so sorry. I hope today and this weekend is great for you guys. I hope you can get a nice break or go on a date.

Brooklynne and Steve said...

ps- i LOVE the font you selected :)