Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heads up! :)

Wow, I'm on a bloggin' roll! I guess I just want to get in as much as I can while Mike is taking his nephews home, the kitchen is clean, the laundry is done (well.. clean that is.. hanging up is so over rated.. just kidding.. I totally wish it was put away). Life with two little ones can be pretty crazy.. a wonderful crazy, but crazy. I don't know how often I will be able to post because they still need me so much (and I love it) - A family is as real as REAL gets. Hence, it's 12:20 am and I'm clickin' away on the computer! I just wanted to give a quick "head's up" on what to look out for :)

PICTURES... I can't promise it will be toooooo soon, but I will post pictures of the recipes I have posted, I will also post a tutorial on how to make the perfect shaped loaf of bread. .. I just made homemade graham crackers and they taste pretty good! - I'm going to put them to the test tomorrow... the S'more test that is. We've got the tent set up in the living room and everything.. you know, to get the full effect. In fact, I'm about to drag my two year old out of bed so we can have a sleepover in there... you know.. the TOTAL full effect! :)

A year or so back, I had a friend ask me for ideas on fun things to do with kids.... I typed out a massive list of fun ideas and things I used to do with my preschool students and my sister's kids... it's saved on a computer that seems to be crashing right now... so hopefully I can retrieve it and post it. There are a whole lot of fun ideas to fill in those days you will be spending at home!
I have another friend experimenting on home made yogurt~ What? How cool is that? Maybe when she figures it out she can teach us! (eh, eh, Jenny? :) )

A friend of mine who is a pro coupon-er (seriously, she left the grocery store today with a cart full of stuff and the store paid her after ringing it all up.. that's pro) - :) She will be spotlighted with her expertise when she gets the chance :) - She's a busy mama herself, but.. it is something to really look forward to! :0)

My sister-in-law is a total inspiration! I remember a year or so ago going to the Dinosaur Museum with her and she and I talked about her financial plan - After following their plan and the spirit, they are now COMPLETELY debt free- Completely! She agreed to share her story, so she will be spotlighted soon as well! :)

If any of you have any tips, advice, stories, recipes.. etc.. post a comment and then we can figure it out through email :) So exciting!

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